Computer Repair

Has your computer becomes corrupted, has virus infections or files you can’t access; we’ll fix it. We don’t want to use hard jargon and make our customers’ heads spin. Our technicians offer a simple service for quick fixes and timely resolutions. When the pressure is on and computer systems slow down. Contact us today!


Home Wi-Fi Setup

Need Wi-Fi at your new home? Or maybe your current internet and streaming services are running slowly? We can diagnose issues and do what's necessary to give you a faster wireless network.

Virus and Spyware Removal

We use efficient methods to scan and remove any virus present on your infected computer to ensure your computer gets back to normal.

Computer Tune-Up

Your computer requires basic preventative maintenance. Our computer tune-up will ensure that your system is running as fast and efficiently as possible.

TV Setup

Do you have a new computer you just purchased and wanted to get it up and running with your favorite app & features or want to learn how to operate it we can help?

Password Recovery

Do you have an old computer you forgot the password to or a new one? We can help our team of technicians can get you back in moving quickly and professionally.

Work From Home Setup

Due to COVID-19, most companies are allowing their employees to work at home. We can create you a effective home office setup that will allow you to work at a fast and productive pace.

Email Troubleshooting

We can set up and troubleshoot your email account on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. We can also back up your emails, calendar, and contacts/address book.

Computer Repair

Still having trouble with your computer?

If you’re still having trouble with your computer or unsure what problem you’re experiencing please tell us about it below we’re ready to help.