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Vontavius Tech Support is an IT, Website Design & Digital Marketing agency that was founded by Vontavius Hurd in Memphis, TN where clients nationwide depend on us to give them exceptional services that meet their business needs.


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Vision Statement

Our Founder, Vontavius Hurd seeks to provide exceptional customer/client experiences within the power of technology. He believes in driving a new era of innovative technologies for development, growth, and productivity within economic opportunities as well as the global workforce.

Mission Statement

Vontavius Tech Support uses technology: 1) To inspire and implement solutions in a revolutionary way by focusing on details and designs on varied technological platforms; and 2) To give everyone a compelling experience in the center of enterprise technology.

Here’s what we believe in:

Bringing Innovation To Your Technology & Online Presence

At Vontavius Tech Support, we encourage each team member to pursue their passions and hobbies, and we fully support them in doing so.


At Vontavius Tech Support, we believe in transparency and servitude. Rather than pursuing the bottom line in a race to turn a profit, we focus on supporting client needs to the best of our abilities, communicating with the upmost clarity and honesty, and only pursuing a project when we’re confident we can succeed on behalf of the client's.

Hard Work

Our team is solemnly dedicated to ensuring clients' satisfaction and delivering the best service to our clients for their financial investment. With a hands-on approach, we dedicate 100% of our abilities, and passion to produce positive outcomes, help our clients reach the top, and beat their competitors.